Delight Retreat 2015

There’s something so beautiful, so freeing about heading out into the world to experience life. The last two years I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to attend the Delight Retreat in Washington. Delight is a community of young creatives that come from all over the country to gather, pursue the arts and grow deeper in their craft, and faith.

The feeling of heading across the country to embark on a new adventure can’t be described. I’ve learned it’s not just the experiences, but the depth of them. My heart has fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest. Washington has become the place I must travel to at least once a year. Delight Retreats are held in April. A time that’s perfect to breathe in fresh mountain air after long Michigan winters. There’s so much beauty in meeting people who hold the same interests, who you can pour your heart out to in the short time you’ve known them, and they understand you completely. One of the reasons I love this art is because  when you’re passionate about something, and meet others that are too, it’s like you’re one. My heart strives for community over competition and that is exactly what this is.

During the five days I was there, we grew deeper together, we learned how deeply loved we are, and the stylized shoots were lovely. The days were filled with being real, LOTS of  camera clicks, and laughter. The very things that make my heart come alive.

These photos hold so much meaning to me. Maybe it’s because they take me back to the sweet moments I took them, or maybe it’s really because they were the very photos that made me realize this is what I want to do for the rest of my life…

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