HJP Stylized Shoot Part One

When I started pursuing a business at seventeen I didn’t quite know what I was getting myself into. All I knew was I had dreams that were far greater than my own stirring inside my heart and I had to chase after them with all that I had. I knew with everything in me, that no matter the journey ahead, this is what I was (and am) called to do. There’s nothing quite like this dream that I call my job.

From the very start of my business I knew a spokesmodel team was exactly what I wanted for my business. I loved the idea of having a group of girls who I’d get to know and work with throughout their junior and senior year of high school. I’m a creative person in ways more than one so I knew I wanted to make it fun. I had to make it an experience that was something worth remembering. This year I’ve had my first spokesmodel team and it’s been a dream come true as the months go by and we’ve done things together. I have such a beautiful group of girls who I’ve loved getting to become friends with. They are all so sweet, and talented in many ways. I could go on and on about them but I promise I won’t make this too long. 😉 A special shoutout to one of my girl’s Lucy a former HJP Senior for spending the day with us. Two of my girls couldn’t make it so I loved having Lucy join.

I’ve been a part of many styled shoots and I always love seeing how everything comes together so beautifully. There were two themes for the spokesmodel stylized shoot. One bohemian, and another the wonderful season that will soon be upon us…fall.  I’m going to split this into two parts so you’ll have to wait for the second look to be shared soon. (If you want a sneak peek check out my Instagram @imhannahjean)

The bohemian-neutral look compliments summer so sweetly and you could say I’m a fan. Not only do I have the most beautiful models, but I LOVE the flower crowns they are gracing. Wildflower Designs did a beautiful job creating them and they were the perfect touch to my dream shoot. I hope you enjoy looking through some of my favorite images from this special day.

I also can’t complete this post without a special thank you to the friends and family who stand by my side on this journey and are my biggest cheerleaders. Mom, Amy and Liz; having you there to be by my side and help with anything I needed meant so much. I love you! <3


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