Grace // Senior 2018

From the very start of my business nearly four years ago one of my biggest “dreams” was to someday have a spokesmodel program. There are many photographers who run their programs differently and some the same, but I had a whole long list of how I wanted to run mine. 😉 I wanted it to be different and an experience for girls to enjoy throughout their junior and senior year of high school.

A couple years ago I saw this absolutely BEAUTIFUL girl Grace, and thought it would be the BEST having her someday on my team. I started to hear more and more about her and how sweet she was. What I love about Grace is that even in the midst of being SO talented at all she does, she’s humble and desires to encourage others through their pursuits. I didn’t want just anyone to be an HJP Spokesmodel. My goal was to have girls who were kind, passionate, making a difference and wanted to have a fun senior picture experience.

Grace, I’m so thankful for you! I’ve LOVED working with you over the last year and even more so, getting to see more of who you are. You have a heart of gold, sweet girl!

Much love,



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