Hi Friend! I'm Hannah, a Michigan-based Senior Portrait Photographer. I like to think about where you might be as you read this. Sitting down in a coffee shop, scrolling your phone while out on the go, or maybe you're a night-owl like me and are on the computer catching up on all the day's happenings. Wherever you are, I'm so happy you're here.

 I'm an adventurer at heart - Michigan, Minnesota, and Washington are just a few of my favorite places. I never tire of hearing British accents, snuggling up in knitted blankets, reading good books on rainy days, Chipotle, and great coffee whether hot or iced. 
 Most of all, I love Jesus. I love that He loves me and it's not because of anything I've done or could do. He has blessed my photography journey and I owe it all to Him.



ALEX 2019 Spokesmodel

Being a part of this spokesmodel team has been such an amazing, new experience. It was so nice to meet new people and make new friends who I can stay in contact with forever! Hannah is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and has been such a beautiful photographer. I am so happy with the results of every picture taken! I’m so thankful to have been chosen to be a part of this program!

fashion • traveling • coffee

a few of my favorite things...

When I'm not behind the camera, or at my desk, you can usually find me traveling, on the go with an iced coffee in hand,  online shopping (hello Amazon and CJLA, hanging out with family and friends, or watching the latest Hallmark movie...no shame. 

Owner & photographer